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Ladies of Harley

Ladies Come Join in on the Fun

  • What is “Ladies Of Harley®’?
    Ladies of Harley® (L.O.H) fosters an environment in which both lady riders and passengers can feel comfortable. For those who attend an L.O.H. event, they will experience the camaraderie, fellowship, learning and fun that are at the heart of motorcycling. We also wish to extend an invitation to the men riders of our HOG. chapter that would like to add their support to our female enthusiast. L.O.H. is not another organization. It is a membership benefit for women to feel even more a part of H.O.G.
  • Who is L.O.H.?
    Any lady that belongs to H.O.G. and has a full, lifetime or associate membership and wishes to participate in the female forum, the members can be either driver or passenger as long as they are willing to participate a little or a lot.
  • How to join L.O.H.
    Membership is free to H.O.G. members, but it’s not automatic. You can join online by visiting the My Membership section of the and choose update your membership.
  • Houston Area #1 L.O.H. 2017 Events
    L.O.H. Sponsored Events include The Houston Area Women Shelter, Pediatric Brain Tumor Association & M.D.A. We do this with Bake Sales, Bike Wash, Goodie Bag Donations etc.
  • When and where do we meet?
    Meetings are held once a month and are listed in both this website's "Rides & Events" page and on our "Calendar." To view the "Rides & Events" page  CLICK HERE or to view the "Calendar"  CLICK HERE .
  • For More Information
    Contact the LOH Officer Donna Moody at